Music courses at EPS provide opportunity for students of all experience levels to develop their skill, perform in an ensemble, and be a member of a community of artists. Each trimester culminates in an evening performance for the EPS community and students have additional opportunities to extend their classroom learning through performing in assemblies, school events, participating in the WMEA Solo & Ensemble contests, and on special occasions performing for off campus events.


Introduction to Band: open to all orchestral wind and percussion instrumentalists at the beginning level: flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion.

Introduction to Orchestra: open to all orchestral string instrumentalists at the beginning level: violin, viola, cello, double bass.

Rock Orchestra is a project-based course. Each term focuses on the music and cultural context of an artist, genre, or time period and is designed to accommodate a variety of instruments including traditional orchestra and band as well as others such as guitar and keyboard. This course is best suited for intermediate level students.

Chamber Music Ensemble is the advanced performance group. Repertoire spans a wide variety from traditional music to innovative contemporary compositions. This yearlong course meets during the zero-period hour from 7:30-8:15am and is open to wind, string and percussions instruments via audition or faculty recommendations. Please contact Dr. Ed Castro at .


MS Choirs: Choirs in the Middle School learn how to use the voice as an instrument and perform in a group. Skills are developed through musicianship activities and a wide range of repertoire from classical to contemporary. Classes are grouped together by grade level, 5-6th and 7-8th, with 5-6th grades typically scheduled together, and 7-8th grades typically scheduled together.

Rock Voice Studio is a project-based course for vocalists interested in popular music and developing contemporary musicianship skills. Each term focuses on the music of an artist, genre, or musical style. Solo and ensemble performance opportunities will be made possible depending on student interest.

Chamber Choir is the advanced performing vocal ensemble Repertoire spans a wide variety from classical music to innovative contemporary compositions. Students perform at various campus and off campus events throughout the year. This yearlong course meets during the zero-period hour from 7:30-8:15am and is open to students by way of audition or faculty recommendation. For more information, please contact Ginger Ellingson.

Music Production

Digital Music Studio: Students learn and apply popular music elements and theory to songwriting using a digital audio workstation.

Advanced level students will have access to the Media Studio which includes state-of-the-art film and music production software including the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Protools, Abelton Live, and FL Studio.

“My art education at EPS helped me to develop from a young child in 6th grade, too afraid to answer questions in class even when he knew they were right, to a young man in high school who was proud to sing on stage in front of a full audience of strangers.  The F&PA gave me the confidence to express myself, and take that leap of faith.  It’s scary, and the first time it happens, it’s daunting.  However, through the presentations in class, the performances, the concerts, and the art galleries, not only does it get easier, it feels good.  I came to appreciate having the ability to show the community what I had to offer, and even though my life in university doesn’t involve the F&PA, I am so grateful for the chances that I got to express myself both on and off stage because it gave me the confidence.  Dipping my toe in the pond of the Arts was one of the best decisions of my life.” – Julian Yamashiro: EPS Class of 2017

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