Upper School

As the ‘preparatory’ part of our name indicates, a central intent of the Upper School experience at EPS is to prepare students for college and life beyond. This process entails gaining mastery and command in the traditional academic disciplines, and developing skills to excel in today’s competitive institutions of higher education. (For more information on courses offered at Eastside Prep, visit our Course Catalog.)

To this end, Eastside Prep students:

  • Become technologically literate, honing their ability to use tools effectively in research and presentation of knowledge.
  • Engage sophisticated, complex coursework as a preparation for the future, wrestling with questions of high complexity.
  • Integrate thinking from each of their classes, learning to apply knowledge mastered in one field to enhance learning in another.
  • Practice academic collaboration with teachers and peers, with the expectation that this will be a continued and important part of their college experience.
  • Navigate a robust collection of course offerings, learning to discern their personal academic interests and choose a relevant path.