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We inspire students to create a better world through Critical Thinking, Responsible Action, Compassionate Leadership, and Wise Innovation.

A come-as-you-are community of 530 students and 120 employees, Eastside Prep balances well-being and academic exploration. We celebrate each other’s strengths and areas of growth, focusing on the power of relationship, mentorship, and support. . Learning through ‘doing’ in class discussions and activities, students support each other’s ideas and expand one another’s thinking in classes of 18 students or fewer

Eastside Prep encourages academic exploration through disciplines such as Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities, Spanish language, and Sciences. Students try new experiences in a safe environment, celebrating and learning from both successes and failures.  We prepare our students not only for college, but for many personal and professional horizons beyond EPS.

2022-2023 EPS – An Introduction:

This PDF guide will help you get to know EPS (an updated 2023-2024 version will be released in mid-October). It includes:

  • Fast Facts
  • Curriculum Information
  • Student Life: Clubs, Sports, Activities
  • College Counseling
  • Alumni Stories

Frequently Asked Questions