Tuition & Fees

All costs below are reflective of the 2024-2025 school year. If students receive financial aid, they will be awarded a percentage of financial assistance that will apply to tuition, tablet PC purchase, EBC week trips, books and supplies, lunch, transportation, and Guided Study Hall (if GSH is applicable).

Required Costs

Tuition: $44,000

Variable Costs
Cost Amount Description
Laptop Tablet PC  $2,350 Purchased once every four years, the cost of the laptop varies with manufacturer’s market rate
EBC Week Trips  $575-$5,850 Based on the trip chosen
Books and Supplies $200-$750 Depending on grade level and course selection
Optional Costs
Cost Amount Description
Rowing Team (Crew) $500 in fall, $500 in spring Most athletic participation fees are covered in the cost of tuition
Clubs No participation fee Some clubs may incur individual field trip costs (for example, a day pass at the climbing gym for Rock Climbing Club) 
Breakfast & Lunch Lunch Entrée: $9.75 Optional (and delicious!) Food service is provided on campus. Items are mostly a la carte
Morning & Afternoon Bus Transportation $735 round trip per trimester

$440 one way per trimester

$1,775 annually

This only refers to the to/from school bus service. We include all transportation to/from afterschool activities and sports in our tuition cost.  
Guided Study Hall $4,950 4:1 student to faculty ratio of academic support
Ski Bus $65-$225 One Friday per month and one Saturday during ski season