Elena Ciot

Technology Support Specialist

B.A. Digital Technology and Culture (Washington State University), B.S. Software Engineering (Western Governer’s University)

Elena Ciot is delighted to start her journey at Eastside Preparatory School as a Technology Support Specialist. With dual bachelor’s degrees in Digital Technology and Software Engineering, Elena brings a diverse range of experiences from web design and game server management to graphic production. She is eager to apply and expand her knowledge in the field of information technology.

Before joining Eastside Prep, Elena gained preliminary hands-on experience in IT as well as other digital technologies, which honed both her technical and creative abilities. She is particularly passionate about 3D modeling and printing, a hobby she has successfully transformed into a small craft business, where she combines her creative and technical skills. Elena enjoys working in learning environments and is excited about the opportunity to positively influence the school’s environment and inspire a similar passion for technology in others, using it as both a practical tool and a creative outlet.

In her leisure time, Elena enjoys exploring new places, particularly those near the ocean. She also loves attending renaissance festivals, hosting booths at craft events, drawing, and playing various instruments such as piano and guitar.