Shaina Poll

Dining Services Support

Shaina (Shay) is an Alaskan Native, having grown up playing the waters while living in a small fishing village, population twelve, she honed her skills in hunting, learning how to survive in a very rustic environment!  In the 80’s a huge turn of events landed her family on the north shore of Oahu where they resided before returning to the Pacific Northwest in the 90’s.

Shay continued her education in Health Care and in 2004 she moved to Thailand and worked with Western Medical Clinics. After ten years in Thailand, Shay would meet her husband who was also working in aviation in Malaysia.  The two moved first to Malaysia with their 6-month-old daughter Sasha and then to a small town in England (where her husband is from). After a few years, they decided to move to the Pacific Northwest where they have now settled along with their cat Khali and dog Simba.

Shay feels very excited to be a part of such a nurturing and dynamic environment here at EPS