John Stegeman

 Head of Upper School


Ph.D., History, Syracuse University; M.A., History, SUNY College at Brockport; Teacher Certification, Colorado State University, B.A., Anthropology, University of Colorado

John came to Eastside Prep in 2019 as Head of Upper School. After initially setting out to teach in alternative high school settings, he pursued advanced study in history, which led him to research and teaching in higher education. John was drawn to independent schools because of the tremendous opportunities they offer students to learn from teachers who are experts in their fields within a supportive and nurturing community. John is inspired by the kindness, joy, and concern for others that permeates the school. Those attributes, when applied to deep intellectual inquiry and the aspiration to create a better world, make for a transformative learning experience. He believes strongly in the power of collaboration and teamwork to confront and overcome the world’s challenges, and finds great fulfillment working as a member of the highly skilled and impassioned team of educators at EPS. In that spirit he has contributed to innovations in our disciplinary leadership model, implementation of remote teaching methods, faculty Professional Development Program, and Student Well-Being initiatives. More than anything, he is grateful for the opportunity to spend his days working with talented and thoughtful teenagers that constantly remind him how bright the future of humankind really is. When he is not thinking about school, John continues to read and write about Latin American history and the history of indigenous peoples. He also enjoys endurance sports like running and cycling, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two children.

“What a gift it is to work with people who are as passionate, committed and curious as the faculty, staff and students at EPS. I knew it was a special place the moment I stepped onto campus.”