Lane Seeley


BS Physics University of Puget Sound, MS Physics Montana State University, PhD Condensed Matter Physics University of Washington.

Prior to joining the faculty at Eastside Prep, Lane taught physics at the college level for many years. Throughout that time a principle focus of his research and teaching has been physics and energy learning that is, accessible, learner-centered, and relevant to both student interests and broader socio-political issues. A series of research projects funded by the National Science Foundation allowed him to work closely with science teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels. He chose to teach at Eastside to explore the challenges and opportunities of pre-college physics teaching firsthand. For Lane, physics is fundamentally a process of observing patterns, asking questions, collecting data and using reductionist models to make sense of the natural world around us. Therefore, he strives to provide students with the opportunity to engage in this process themselves rather than simply learning about the experiments and theories of others. Instead of starting with definitions and equations his students enter the scientific process through observing phenomena, analyzing data, asking questions, constructing and refining explanations. Lane believes that all students begin a physics class with a wealth of conceptual resources, relevant experiences and prior knowledge. Transformative science learning requires vulnerability. When students are focused on not being wrong, they will not be as open to new insights and deeper understanding. When students feel both safe and responsible to explain their ideas to one another without hiding behind words and equations they can support an accessible learning community where all students feel included, and all contributions are valued. Lane and his wife Andrea share their home in Edmonds with their children Lucas, Maia and Alina along with a dog, a cat, 5 chickens, 1 rabbit and a newt. When Lane is not thinking about physics and physics education he loves cycling, trail running, paddleboarding and backcountry skiing.