Wen Yu Ho

Social Science

Also: Social Science Discipline Lead
B.A., Music and International Studies, Cum Laude, Yale University, M.S.Ed., Education Entrepreneurship, University of Pennsylvania

A regular visitor to the Pacific Northwest over the preceding decade, Wen Yu was very excited to move to Seattle and join the EPS family in 2018. Originally hailing from the sunny island nation of Singapore, he has previously gone to school, lived and worked in Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania. Most recently, he spent four years in the Middle East, teaching history and Chinese language at King’s Academy in Jordan. An avid musician, Wen Yu plays classical and jazz piano, and he has also been fortunate enough to serve as the conductor for a wide variety of musical projects, running the gamut from children’s orchestras to full opera productions.

Wen Yu is a very excitable foodie, for whom cooking and eating are essential parts of his day. In addition, he is a huge travel buff who is always on the lookout for cheap plane tickets to take him on his next adventure; he has visited over seventy countries and is hungry to explore more!