Caitlin McLane

Social Science

Also: US Advisor, US Grade Level Coordinator
M.A. Social Sciences, University of Chicago; B.A. History, Colgate University

Caitlin McLane joined EPS as an Upper School Humanities teacher and Advisor in 2017. Prior to EPS, she taught history at the Baldwin School outside of Philadelphia, St. Mark’s School outside of Boston, and Emma Willard School, her alma mater, in upstate New York. Along with teaching, Caitlin enjoys cooking (and eating!), hiking, running, and traveling. She is also a huge sports fan. As a native of Cooperstown, New York, the birthplace of baseball, Caitlin is an avid New York Yankees fan.

“At the heart of my teaching philosophy is the idea of self-discovery. The real learning happens when students are given the resources, skills, and opportunity to question and discover on their own. Experiential learning that is designed and driven by the student is a much more powerful and lasting learning experience than one dictated by the teacher. I strive to empower my students and give them the tools that they need to take charge of their own education.”