Verity Sayles

English, Assistant Head of Upper School

M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Oregon State University; B.A., English, Trinity College

Verity joined the Upper School English discipline in 2016. Previously, she taught at Cheshire Academy in Connecticut and Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire before moving west to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at Oregon State University, where she taught courses in writing and rhetoric.

“One thing I value about collaboration is the trust you develop.” Verity likes her students to work together a lot as well. “Students should be interested and excited about other people’s opinions—especially if they are radically different.”

Verity enjoys running, hiking, and golf, and spends a lot of her spare time working on her manuscript, a series of nonfiction personal essays, which she hopes to publish. Her signature dish is ordering pizza.

“Learning from one another and how to communicate with one another is a skill that translates beyond the classroom.”