Rick MacKenzie

Rick MacKenzie

Theatre and Events Technician

Also: Teaches Stagecraft
BFA, Performance Production, Cornish College of the Arts

It’s the strong community that drew Rick to Eastside Prep. The start of his teaching career was at Cornish College of the Arts. For sixteen years he was the technical director and production manager for the theatre department, building, designing and managing theatre productions. He’s worked with students from their first stage management class as freshmen through their senior thesis projects. “I believe theatre at its best is a collaboration of all the parties involved. A writer provides a road map. A director provides the vehicle. The actors decide where to stop. The designers show you what’s there. And in the end, the play is not exactly like anyone expected and that is the marvelous thing,” says Rick.

Rick is a life-long Pacific Northwesterner and enjoys hiking and fishing. His newest hobby is experiencing live local music. Rick has lived in Seattle since 1990.

“I love the artistic inspiration that flows from the young. Whether it’s an old idea newly discovered or something truly unique. The growth in the life of a young artist is a joy to watch and incredibly rewarding to be a part of.”