Adventure Canyoneering in Utah (US)

Dates: Sunday, April 10th – Friday, April 15th
Location: Utah
Price Range: $1500-$1700
Theme: Outdoors Adventure

canyonlandsWe will fly to Salt Lake City and then drive south to Hanksville, Utah, where we will set up two basecamps in the high country desert on the edge of Canyonlands National Park. For four days, we will take extensive trips to hike, climb, scramble, rappel, and perhaps, wade, through amazing red rock canyons. This is some of the best technical slot canyon terrain in the whole Southwest. We will explore how technical canyoneering offers us the opportunity to travel through remote slot canyons that cannot be accessed without the use of specialized equipment. Skills such as downclimbing, chimneying, stemming, rappelling, partner assists, etc. will be taught and practiced on the trip. It’s a great chance to practice teamwork, problem solving skills, risk assessment and management. There are areas with parallel day trips that can also offer our group different levels of physical challenge. No experience necessary; this is a challenge by choice adventure with a comfortable base camp to return to each night. Join us for this stunningly beautiful trip in canyon country. This trip will run entirely outdoors except for a final night in Green River, Utah for a hotel, much needed shower, and a great dinner before heading home.

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