Careers at EPS

Eastside Preparatory School opened its doors with sixteen students in grades six and seven at its present location in September, 2003. Now, with 486 students enrolled in grades five through twelve for the 2019-2020 school year, Eastside Prep has established a permanent campus in Kirkland, WA. Our thinking curriculum is the hallmark of our program, which focuses on teaching students to think like the writers, scientists, historians, artists and mathematicians whose work they study. At Eastside Prep, our commitment is to enable our students to think for themselves – and for the good of the planet.

Teacher Qualifications

Successful applicants for classroom positions are outstanding teachers with strong interest in how their students think and learn. Successful applicants for available positions are those whose teaching philosophy is aligned with the mission of the school. They appreciate a high trust environment among colleagues and between home and school. They appreciate humor, understand that their responsibility has more to do with students’ learning than with their teaching, and they believe that the primary responsibility of the teacher is to promote the student’s success. Applicants must have sufficient expertise in a subject area to help students use its key concepts and methodologies as they engage in academic inquiries. At a minimum, the applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree.  Master’s, doctorate, or equivalent is preferred. Our aim is to enable students to make meaning out of knowledge and experience. Ability to teach more than one subject and past experience in interdisciplinary curriculums are advantageous but not required.

Open Positions for 2019-20