All About EPS

In recent months, graduate Sophia Maymudes (Eastside Prep Class of 2016) had two crossword puzzles included in The New York times. She has created a special puzzle for us for this issue of Inspire. (The answer key can be found on page 55.)


1. The author of this puzzle vis-a-vis EPS

5. Like one using sign language, maybe

9. Deduction on a paycheck

10. Subject of some Upper School lit and history courses

11. Baby powder ingredient

12. Ryan Gosling film “____ and the Real Girl”

13. Our fearless leader

15. “Bali ____” (Song from “South Pacific”)

16. New pride and joy of EPS

21. Retailer that names many of its products after locations in Sweden

22. Close to

24. Shade

25. Birthday treat

26. Aware of

27. ____ out (just made it)


1. Back of a boat

2. A Hemsworth or a member of One Direction

3. Sch. that recieves the most college applications in any given year

4. Possible Starbucks order

5. Casual involvement

6. Brother of Jacob

7. Puts on ____

8. Burkina ____

14. Spa sound

16. One of the Jackson 5

17. Similar (to)

18. Time to give things up

19. Bad thing for a roof to have

20. Washington or Sammamish

23. Only primary color not in EPS’s logo