All EPS Community Invited: Virtual Equity and Inclusion Speaker Series presents Tiq Milan

Date:  March 24, 2021
Time:  5:00 PM to 6:00 PM PST

EPS has joined the Virtual Equity and Inclusion Speaker Series, a collaboration effort with 25+ area Independent Schools. The next speaker in this series, Tiq Milan, will be speaking about his transgender experience and how defining ourselves for ourselves can result in more love. This talk will ask attendees to reflect on and take ownership of their own understandings of gender, queerness and how race intersects these notions.

Tiq Milan has been an advocate in the LGBTQIA+ community for over a decade. He is also a writer and consultant who carved a niche for himself as a media advocate and one of the leading voices for transgender equality. Tiq shares his story of being transgender and how that informs his views on masculinity, race and gender. Tiq writes about pop culture, inclusive leadership, transgender rights and equity. A journalist for over a decade his work has appeared on MIC, Buzzfeed, NBC and CNN, HBO and Netflix among others. His 2016 TED Talk A Queer Vision of Love and Marriage alongside his wife, Kim Katrin Milan has been viewed over 3 million times and continues to inform and inspire people all over the world.

Questions? Please email EICL Co-Coordinators Bess McKinney or Dr. Ed Castro.