Fina Short (’16)

Fina has accepted a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship starting in January.  Unsure if she will be able to travel and fulfill this opportunity, her back-up plan is to stay at Tufts for the next year studying Data Analytics.  As with so many classmates, Fina’s past term at Tufts was interesting.  She writes, “The spring was quite the transition. Most upperclassmen at Tufts live off-campus and have leases, so I decided to stay in my house in Somerville with my roommates rather than going back to Seattle when they closed campus. We held a mock graduation by walking down the street (at social distance) with students from lots of other houses who stayed around, which was a lot of fun. On the day of graduation my family also organized a huge Zoom call featuring lots of Irish relatives and a giant cardboard cutout of myself in my EPS basketball uniform that they wheeled across the floor on a skateboard. This made it a super memorable day despite the circumstances.”