Max Sheffield (’14)

I am currently a software engineer at Adaptive Biotechnologies in Eastlake. I work with the testing team, performing verification and validation tests and web-based automation. I graduated from Whitman College with a degree in Biology and minor in Computer Science. This past spring I coached the Middle School Utlimate Frisbee Team with my friend and classmate Noah Ching which was an amazing experience, especially as my middle school class was the first to take the EPS team into competitive league play. I’ve been an integrated member of Eastside Prep after graduation, working with the facilities team on construction for my first two college summers then coming back to join the alumni council post grad. Being part of the alumni council is important to me as I want to keep contributing to the EPS culture that brought me to the school and has kept me around all this time, despite how much the school has changed on the outside!