Clarification on Health Forms

Although it may not seem intuitive that health forms need to be submitted at this time since we plan to begin the fall trimester remotely, having up-to-date health information for all our students is critically important. We are currently considering small in-person activities for students and completed health forms will be required for attendance in those activities. Our school nurse has entered the date for your student’s last physical exam on file under the Physical Exam sub-section of SchoolDoc. If this date is from the year 2019 or 2020, then you will not need to obtain a new exam for the 2020-2021 school year. If the exam date listed is 2018 then your student will require an updated exam. All Prescription Medication Authorization, Asthma Action Plans, and Life-Threatening Allergy Action Plans must be completed yearly but may not require an in-person visit so please check with your child’s provider. Getting any needed appointments handled now, while doctor’s appointments are available, will help speed the process of your child’s return to campus when we are able to move to hybrid and fully in-person learning.  Please keep in mind that forms also take time to process, so a last-minute submission will not necessarily allow your child to return to campus quickly.

SchoolDoc can be accessed HERE.

Please contact School Nurse Stephanie Hinson with questions.