College Counseling News

By Allison Luhrs and Dr. Elena Olsen, EPS College Counselors

In the broader college counseling world, fall is typically viewed as the season of seniors, with all focus turned toward those who are applying to college. While it’s true that the College Counselors at EPS are intensively working with the Class of 2017 in their list-honing and application process, that is certainly not our solitary focus. Sophomores and juniors are both now in the college process. Both classes will be working with Counselors as they prepare to take the PSAT on Saturday, October 15. We’ll be helping them understand what to expect from the test format, how to ready themselves for the exam, and how to view the practice test within the context of the college counseling program.

The weekend of October 15 will be a college-filled one for juniors, who can also attend the Seattle Area Independent Schools College Fair at Seattle University on Sunday, October 16. At the fair, students can meet with admissions representatives from about 150 attending colleges and begin to get a sense of what they want in a school. Counselors will work with all juniors to prepare for this experience. After attending the fair, juniors will be asked to begin some written reflection, culminating in the 2-part Junior Questionnaire. All of this – plus much more information about the specifics of the EPS College Counseling program – will be shared with juniors and their families on Wednesday, September 28 at the College Counseling Information Night for the Class of 2018.

Although seniors take much of our time and attention during the fall, we are excited to be diving into the process with juniors as they begin the second half of their high school career!