Making the Decision

Notification of Intention to Attend

Student expectations for the May 1 decision deadline:

  • This is a firm deadline. Any deposits sent after May 1 may not be accepted by colleges.
  • Students are bound ethically to make no more than one enrollment deposit by or on May 1.
*Sending a deposit and enrollment commitment to more than one college could result in one or both colleges revoking the offer of admission.

Outside of an early decision circumstance, no college can require a deposit to hold a place in a freshman class until May 1. If a college asks for an enrollment deposit prior to May 1, please inform us and we will pursue the matter. Note that some large universities, especially in the Midwest and the South, require an earlier housing deposit, but not an earlier enrollment deposit. This housing deposit is supposed to be refundable prior to May 1, pending a student’s final decision.

Notification of Intention to Not Attend

As soon as EPS students make a declaration to attend a specific school, they are asked to notify schools to which they were accepted, via early action or regular decision, of their intention NOT to attend. This helps those schools and other students better manage waitlist decisions.

Understanding the Waitlist

We find that students and parents are well-prepared for either the “yes” or “no” answer from colleges. Sometimes, however, the answer can be a bit more confusing if offered a spot on their waitlist.

  • It will be up to you to respond to that school to state whether or not you want to be on their waitlist – there is typically an email or letter to return stating your intentions.
  • If you elect to stay on a waitlist, you must also deposit at another school by or on May 1 with the intention of attending that school. Movement from the waitlist may or may not occur, so you must make other plans accordingly. Ethically, an applicant may make an enrollment deposit at one college while holding a place on one or more waitlists. Please be in communication with your college counselor about waitlist plans, as I can help navigate this process.
  • If you are admitted to a college from a waitlist you may be required to make a quick decision. You should only accept an offer off of the waitlist from an institution you actually plan to attend. Please inform all of the colleges involved of your decision(s) to aid in their planning.