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People in the Community


Each student has an Advisor who acts as the student’s advocate. Advisors serve as primary communication coordinators between home and school, and guide parents and students on all matters related to academics and student life. Each Advisor will talk with parents about how best to communicate with them. Advisors complement, but do not replace direct communication between parents and teachers. Specifically, Advisors facilitate connection between school and home, between student and school, and they track overall academic progress for each advisee.

Business Office

The Business Office handles all tuition payments, and any other fees that may be incurred during the year, such as book purchases, trips, sports fees, bus fees, etc. In addition, the Business Office coordinates all employee contracts, payroll, benefits, financial reporting, and accounts payable.

Director of Student Well-Being

The Director of Student Well-Being is responsible for the day-to-day oversight for student well-being at Eastside Prep. This includes oversight of the counseling office, the nurse’s office; experiential education; student clubs and activities, and equity, inclusion, and compassionate leadership.

Dining Services

The Dining Services team provides meals on campus. Dietary restrictions and allergies are respected, and key ingredients are displayed on all prepared food items (i.e., gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian). Breakfast, lunch, and quick-grab items are available for sale in the LPC dining area. All items are paid with online accounts through our partner, We also accept cash at the register.

Division Heads

Division Heads are responsible for the daily experience of students and faculty in their respective divisions. Middle School is composed of grades 5 to 8; Upper School is composed of grades 9 to 12. Division Heads provide feedback and evaluative information to faculty, are responsible for implementing the policies governing the division, and have ultimate oversight responsibility for student discipline.


Faculty are responsible for the design and implementation of the curriculum. Eastside Prep welcomes any communication between our families and our teachers. When questions or concerns arise, we strongly encourage families to contact the appropriate teacher as soon as possible. Faculty members can be reached at school by email and by telephone. If there is a need to contact a teacher via email outside of school hours, please do so, but the assumption is that such contact will be comparatively infrequent.

Head of School

The Head of School is hired and evaluated annually by the Board of Trustees. The Head is accountable to the Board. The Head of School is responsible for the leadership and management of the school, for budget management, for personnel, for faculty and administrator performance, and for assuring that the school reflects its mission on a daily basis.

Parent Association

The purpose of the Eastside Preparatory School Parent Association (PA) is to promote community, hospitality and school volunteerism. The PA’s mission is to facilitate and enhance the relationship and communication between our community of families and the school, to support the school’s exceptional learning environment, and to enrich the educational and social experience for families, students, faculty, and staff.

All parents and guardians of students currently enrolled at Eastside Preparatory School are members of the PA. The PA is structured with an Executive Committee and two to three representatives for each grade level. General membership meetings are held at regular intervals through the year and are open to all parents and guardians. The Parent Association page on the EPS website contains helpful documents and tools including contact information for current Executive Committee and class representatives.

Participation in the many activities sponsored by the PA is a fun and fulfilling way for parents and guardians to become involved in the EPS community. To get involved, complete the online Volunteer Form, contact a PA officer or class representative listed on the website, attend a general meeting and look for emails from your class representative announcing volunteer opportunities. You can find the link to our Parent Association page on our website ( on the Current Families page under the Parent Engagement section. For more information about the Parent Association or volunteering, please contact the office of Institutional Advancement.


Parents/guardians are invited to take an active role in the life of the school. Whether assisting with admissions events or taking leadership positions in the Parent Association (PA), we believe that parents/guardians who take an active role in the education of their child provide invaluable support. Parental participation also strengthens the school community by fostering bonds among families, teachers, and staff.

To protect children, and to protect the school in a legalistic era, parents who work with students other than their own children at school are asked to submit an online Volunteer Application and Disclosure Form for a background check well in advance of their service.


We expect that Eastside Prep students are able and eager to take advantage of our challenging academic program. We expect that our students are intellectually curious, interested in learning how to learn, willing to work closely with peers and adults, and ready to act as part of a community—with civility, honesty, tolerance, and respect toward others.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance and fiscal stability of the school. Through committee work, Board members manage assets, plan and implement fund development, act as ambassadors for the school in the community, and support the Head of School. Each member serves for a specified term and may take a more active role by serving as a Board officer.

Eastside Prep policies are established, regularly reviewed, and occasionally revised by the Board of Trustees. Procedures and policies created or recommended by members of the school community must support and cohere with Board-established policies.

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