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Student Support Services


Counseling support at EPS is available to any student, parent/guardian, and faculty or staff member concerned about a student. Our school counselors are involved in a variety of formal and informal conversations about students in all aspects of their school lives. Specifically, services offered in the counseling center are: individual counseling, group counseling, parenting groups, sharing of resources, assessment, and referral, supporting students through advising and problem solving, and crisis management.

For questions about our school counseling program, please contact

Guided Study Hall/Learning Support Program

We recognize that some students need additional support in areas such as study, organizational, and other executive functioning skills in order to access our academic program most effectively. The Guided Study Hall (GSH) program is available to students who need extra support in these areas to fully take advantage of our rigorous academic program. As is the best practice, GSH incorporates the teaching of these skills into our school curriculum to assist in internalizing them. We provide a 4:1 student to faculty ratio in Guided Study Hall. To learn more about GSH and the fees associated with the program, contact the Learning Support Services Coordinator.


In most cases, students will require no more assistance in a class than additional time with the teacher. If, after working with the teacher, the student requires additional assistance in a specific discipline, a meeting should be scheduled with the Learning Support team. If after meeting, it is felt that a student would benefit from specific remediation or content assistance, a member of the Learning Support team may recommend that a parent/guardian hire an additional tutor. Due to space constraints, most tutoring will need to take place off campus.

Families may elect, as is always their choice, to hire a tutor independent of EPS. In this case, all meetings with the tutor are arranged off-site and at the discretion of the family. It is always to the student’s benefit to inform the school when an independent tutor has been retained. We are happy to provide several names of qualified tutors who can work with students off campus before or after school.

Note that tutors on site need to complete a Volunteer form for background check.

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