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Technology at Eastside Prep is intended to enhance the educational and administrative work of the school. All users of the school’s network and computers must use them in a considerate, ethical, and lawful manner. The privilege of using Eastside Prep’s computer equipment may be revoked at any time for failure to abide by school technology policies.

Eastside Preparatory School computers may not be used for unlawful activities, commercial activities not under the auspices of the school, personal financial gain, creating or sending email messages that may constitute harassment or discrimination, false statements that might damage someone’s reputation, storing or distributing obscene images.

Respect for the intended use of accounts: User accounts are the property of Eastside Prep. The school authorizes the use of the accounts for specific academic purposes. A user who has been authorized to use an account may not disclose its password or make the account available to others who have not been authorized by school personnel to use it.

Respect for the integrity of the network and operating systems: Use of electronic facilities to send or download fraudulent, embarrassing, harassing, indecent, or intimidating messages is prohibited. Communication facilities should not be used for commercial purposes, including chain letters of any kind. Users who have intentionally damaged system hardware or software may be held financially responsible for their repair.

Respect for privacy: Users shall not intentionally seek or provide information on, obtain copies of, or modify data files, programs, or passwords belonging to other users without appropriate authorization. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to private information are not allowed. Searching through directories to find unprotected information likewise is a violation. Network managers will respect the privacy of accounts but may disable an account or access information in an account if concerns arise.

Respect for copyright: Law prohibits the unauthorized downloading, installation, use, storage, or distribution of licensed copyrighted materials, including text, sound, images, or software on any computer used at school, including a student’s personal computer.

Email policy: The email system is the property of Eastside Prep and is provided for educational and administrative purposes. Personal email use is permitted, provided it complies with all school policies and practices and does not interrupt the school’s services, result in extra costs, or interfere with other obligations at school. Users must behave in a considerate, responsible, ethical, and legal manner, complying with normal standards of courtesy, and drafting email and other electronic documents with the same care as any written communication. Eastside Prep does not assure the confidentiality of email. “Deleted” email messages can be retrieved. The school may access an Eastside Prep email user’s account without prior notice and without the consent of the user when required by and consistent with law, when there is reasonable cause to believe that violations of policy or law have taken place.

Internet policy: The use of computer accounts, network systems, and home-page presentations may be used only to support the program and facilitate the work of the administration, faculty, staff, and students.

Eastside Prep takes advantage of several resources online. In some cases, students are asked to establish an account outside the EPS domain. Before students can establish an account, resources are vetted in the same way we vet text book content. The aim is always to make the most current and highest quality resources available to our students. Concerns about identity exposure should be directed to the Director of Strategy, Technology and Innovation.

Cell Phones

During the school day (8:30 am – 3:00 pm), cell phones are only to be used with faculty permission. Students who choose to use their cell phones at inappropriate times may have them confiscated. Cell phones are to be kept in backpacks for the duration of the day.


The internet is for educational purposes and must be used in a way that respects our network and community. Disrespectful, violent, pornographic images or text are not tolerated.

Middle School Computer Policy

The primary goal of the Middle School Laptop Program is to teach effective computer habits for life. The computer, when used properly, is an integral part of every student’s successful Middle School education. Students sometimes demonstrate that the distraction of their computer is too great to manage. That distraction can come in a variety of forms including but not limited to instant messaging, social media use, video games, and websites not related to school work. Misuse of the computer will affect foremost a student’s performance in the classroom.

Laptop use is not permitted during lunch. Students should bring their laptops to school fully charged and seek assistance from the Technology Office should they encounter any issues with their machines.

Portable Music Devices

Portable music devices may be used in class at the discretion of the teacher. These devices should otherwise be put away for the duration of the school day.

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