EBC Week Carbon Neutral Initiative

Offsetting the carbon emissions from your EBC Week experience allows your family to take positive step to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Donating to Eden Reforestation Projects (through EPS), allows for the planting of trees in Madagascar. Tree planting with Eden restores and protects critical mangrove habitat and also employs locals in Madagascar, which uplifts impoverished communities. Eden has already planted 400 million trees in Madagascar, some of which were funded by EPS during EBC Week experience last year! This is an impressive step, however 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been deforested, so there is still much work to be done. Help the climate, critical wildlife habitats, and impoverished communities in Madagascar by donating to Eden today!

Visit https://www.eastsideprep.org/current-families/ebc-week/ebc-carbon-offsets/ [password: 2020EPS] for more information.

Please contact Director of Student Well-Being Paul Hagen if you have any questions.