Blacksmithing Intensive at Lawless Forge (8th & US)

Dates: 4/1 – 4/5
Location: Local
Price Range: $800 – $1,500
Theme: The Arts
Faculty Contact: TBD
During a week-long experience at Lawless Forge, students will be fully oriented in the art of blacksmithing. Students will create their own works of art, explore local metal sculpture installations and tour a local steel production foundry, then collaborate with students and professional artists to design and create a large sculpture that will be displayed on the EPS campus. This experience combines the timeless skills of blacksmithing with the delicate and intricate process of designing small- and large-scale art. Beginning with various types of steel that is made in-house, you will forge your way into remarkable art pieces you can take home and enjoy every day and/or showcase on the EPS campus.


Days 1 and 2: Students receive full safety orientation and tour of the forge. Once fully oriented, students will independently practice fundamental blacksmithing techniques such as tapering, twisting, scrolling, forge welding, punching, upsetting, etc.

  1. In learning and practicing these techniques, students will make numerous items to take home
  2. Sample items may include clothing hooks, nails, decorative flowers/leaves, etc.
  3. Students will have the opportunity to use an array of tools such as forges, anvils, belt sanders, power hammers, hydraulic presses, fly presses, etc.

Day 3: Students embark on a “Seattle Steel” tour to discover various blacksmithing installations throughout the city. Students to observe local installations and gather inspiration for final design project(s). In the afternoon, students will visit the Nucor steel production facility for a private tour where we will observe, step-by-step, the process of steel recycling/refinement/production. This tour is informative and has left others speechless.
Days 4 and 5: Filled with inspiration from a day of tours, students will collaborate to design and forge a sculpture or other decorative piece of art to be featured on campus.

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