Island Trails: Catalina Backpacking (US)

Dates: 3/30 – 4/4
Location: Catalina Island, CA
Price Range: $1700 – $2000
Theme: Adventure & Culture
Faculty Contact: Stephen Keedy and Steve Fassino


Situated about 20 miles off the coast of Southern California, the small archipelago known as The Channel Islands offers stunning opportunities for lovers of the outdoors. This EBC backpacking experience will highlight the beauty of Santa Catalina Island, one of the largest and most beautiful of the Channel Islands. We will depart by ferry from the beaches of Los Angeles before embarking on a four-day backpacking and camping excursion on the Trans-Catalina Trail. The trail winds its way up from scenic beach coves to mountain tops, and backpackers will enjoy sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and wildlife such as eagles, bison, and foxes. Additionally, we will spend our last night in the stunning waterside town of Avalon to learn more about the rich biodiversity and cultural history of The Channel Islands, as well as enjoy some well-derived meals out on the town. This experience will require students to be comfortable hiking with elevation between 5 and 10 miles a day while carrying 30-40 pounds of their gear, as well as camping outdoors with limited facilities. Join us for this unique wild adventure in Southern California!

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