7th Grade, Oregon Coast, Pacific NW Narratives

Dates: 4/1 – 4/5
Location: Oregon Coast
Price Range: $1500
Theme: Grade Level Experience
Faculty Contact: Monica Cowdery
Welcome to the 7th grade EBC trip to the Oregon Coast! Many of you have been out camping at Camp Orkila in 5th grade. And most of you went to Nature Bridge for 6th grade. It is time for you to step into your next phase as leaders as we head into a small urban environment for a class-wide visit to Seaside, Oregon. We will organize the multiple details of the trip together, but rest assured this trip includes the majestic luxury of staying in a hotel. For our EBC, we will be exploring the Pacific Northwest through the stories that exist in this area. We will set up meetings with several organizations and learn fun facts. For example, did you know several movies were filmed on-site in Astoria, Oregon? Additionally, we will learn some behind-the-scenes information about our regional cheese (don’t worry if you are lactose intolerant – we’ve got you covered!) We will spend interactive time at museums and have multiple options for reflective time and active time to create our own stories. This is an EBC trip for the entire class of 2029, and there will be options for student choice to be captured in the planning and execution. There will be more information to come, including what to pack and what NOT to pack.


Day 1: Depart from EPS Campus via bus. Visit a school and collaborate with students from a school and explore their campus. Dinner. Transport to hotel. Evening movie.
Day 2: Tillamook, OR: Tour of the Tillamook factory. Visit a local museum.
Day 3: Astoria, OR: Visit Astor Column and a local museum.
Day 4: Seaside, OR: Narratives experience at a local retirement community. Visit an aquarium. Evening movie.
Day 5: Check out of hotel. Return to EPS campus in the early afternoon.

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