Amy Sanchez

US Cross Country Coach

Amy decided to take a risk on running cross country in her senior year of high school. She often finished in the back of the pack, so she was surprised when her coach pulled her aside to share her belief that if she continued running, she could become competitive. Several years of consistency later, that prediction came true as she discovered endurance running. Amy has run three marathons, finished 2nd female overall in a trail 50K, and trained to attempt a Boston Marathon qualifier (2020 had other plans). More importantly than the joy of getting faster, Amy developed a deep appreciation of running as a moving meditation and an empowering way to connect with herself, friends, and the world at large. In 2021, Amy has loved running all of her miles with her favorite running buddy – her son, who is due in early fall. In addition to coaching cross country, Amy serves as one of our School Counselors and enjoys the opportunity to integrate her understanding of mental health into athletics.