Gearing Up

by Lauren Formo, Director of Admissions

The first month of school is the best precursor as the activities for the next admissions season gain speed. It’s not just because we are settling in to the daily routine or that student art is starting to go back up on the walls. It’s the energy immediately generated by 400 students and 90 faculty and staff. It breathes life into this place and it is inspiring. Every year—without fail—I feel this way. We get to watch the new students start to find their footing. Families that were looking for their new academic home six months ago are now walking around campus as part of the EPS community. The smiles, the happy conversations in the parking lot, lunch with a faculty member relaying how awesome a student is in their class—it is the full circle to the process we are about to start again. As part of the team whose job it is to set the cultural tone for families getting to know EPS, this is exactly what fuels us to embark on the next six months.

The admissions process at a school should be reflective of the culture, and I’m proud to say this is true at Eastside Prep. At the core, we are a community who cares deeply about the people who have chosen to become a part of this school. Maintaining our culture has been critical as we have grown, and will remain so as we continue to grow.

So, as one season comes full circle, we gear up for the next. Bursting with EPS energy, we’re ready to meet the next group this season. With 448 people already signed up for open houses—the October open house currently full—it’s already shaping up to be a busy season!

Welcome once again to our newest community members. We are so happy you’re here.