Cap & Gown

Jostens Northwest will be the EPS vendor for our graduating Class of 2024. All seniors will need to order graduation attire through Jostens.  In addition, Jostens supplies many items that families may want, although are not required.

Graduating seniors are REQUIRED to place an order for a cap and gown through Jostens Northwest. Once ordered, all caps and gowns will be shipped to EPS. You do not need to enter address information, since all caps and gowns ordered for EPS will be shipped to the school. Caps and gowns will be held for safekeeping and distributed a few days ahead of the ceremony. The gowns are rented and must be returned to EPS directly following the graduation ceremony. The cap is a keepsake and can be taken home by the graduate. (Each cap comes with a tassel, so separate purchase is not required.)

Please note that the cap and gown MUST BE ORDERED NO LATER THAN: Friday, December 8th. All orders placed by December 1 will include free shipping. After that date, the cost will include shipping.

How To Order


Graduation packages (which include cap & gown, announcements, etc.) – ORDER HERE

Jostens EPS School Page – VIEW HERE 

At a minimum, each senior MUST order a cap & gown unit which is listed under “Caps & Gowns.” There are also several additional packages to consider but are not required.  The due date for all purchased items is Friday, December 8, 2023.

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