Graduation Announcements/Invitations

Graduation Announcements:

If you are interested in sending out graduation announcements to relatives and friends, we have designed the EPS announcement for our Class of 2024. This is available online for purchase. Announcements “announce” that your senior is graduating, and do not formally invite someone to the ceremony.

*Please note that unless you purchase the “All-in-One Announcement Bundle”, the personalized name cards must be ordered separately (still through Jostens). The name cards don’t come with the standard “Official School Announcement” even though there will be little slits in the announcement where the name card can be placed.

*The deadline for ordering announcements is Friday, December 8th.


Graduation Invitations

Eastside Prep will order and pay for invitations for the family of each graduating senior. You will not need to order these online. We will distribute these to you in May on campus.

Other Graduation Items

Jostens has many Class of 2024 items that may be of interest, including class rings, bags, sweatshirts, etc. Feel free to check them out online. None of these items are required. Unless you place an entirely separate order for these items from your cap and gown order, they will likely be delivered to EPS and we will distribute them to the students. By placing a separate order from cap and gown, you can make sure they are shipped directly to your home.


*If you’re interested in the “Eagle Package” which includes everything you’ll need, and more, click here.

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