Senior Photos, Senior Collage and Quote

Senior photos, collages and quotes are due Friday, February 17, 2023 (the sooner the better!).


Many seniors have already had photos taken by a professional photographer or have a date set to do this. Seniors are welcome to submit one of these, or have a friend take a photo.

Photos submitted for the yearbook must be in a vertical portrait format with some background space around the top of the head and sides for flexibility on cropping photos.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Portrait style means from chest up with room around top and sides of head for resizing. Please don’t have it cropped too tight, and no full body shots.
  • The photo chosen needs to have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (print quality) as a lower resolution does not print well.
  • The photo chosen needs to be approximately 2”x3″ vertical.
  • Photos can be sent directly to Ms. Meredith.


After considering not allowing collages due to problems in the past, we have decided that seniors will be allowed to submit a collage for the yearbook. We’ve had challenges getting students to submit collages on time in the past and have spent time working with students to make sure that all content in the collages is appropriate.  In order to make sure that we’re not bothering students who do not wish to submit a collage and not spending too much staff time trying to follow up with students, we have adopted the following guidelines:

  • Collages are now completely optional.
  • One reminder email will be sent to all students and parents prior to the deadline.  Only collages submitted by the deadline will be included in the yearbook.
  • Collages are meant to reflect the student’s time at Eastside Prep through photos (no text). Student names are already included on the collage pages.
  • As yearbooks are provided for all students in grades 5-12, the material in the collage must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Appropriate content is expected and may not include questionable images and links to other sources (websites, QR codes, etc.).
  • If there is any hint of inappropriateness, the collage will not be included.

Technical guidelines for the collages are:

  • The collage needs to be 5”x7″ horizontal, which is approximately half an 8.5” x 11″ piece of paper (check out last year’s yearbook for a visual idea of what these collages are).
  • All photos in your collage need to be 300 dpi.
  • Note: photos taken off Facebook/Instagram default to 96 dpi and enlarging them will pixelate your photo. Please ask the person who has the photo for the original.
  • Please send your collages in a JPEG file format.


New this year, but also optional, is an inspirational quote that we’ll put next to your senior photo. Again, any quote submitted needs to be school appropriate. Some guidelines to follow for your quote are:

  • Quotes can be no longer than 100 characters (including spaces).
  • Only appropriate content will be accepted.
    1. Inappropriate material that will not be accepted for quotes includes (but is not limited to) inappropriate words, links to other sources (websites, QR codes, etc.), derogatory comments, profanity, etc.
  • Misspelling (intentional or unintentional), emojis, acronyms, or hashtags will not be allowed.

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