Senior Photos, Senior Collage and Quote

Senior photos, collages and quotes are due Friday, February 9, 2024. You can submit your name preferences, senior photos, collages, and quotes by filling out the form: HERE. Please note that only people with an EPS email can access this form. If you are a parent/guardian submitting information on behalf of your senior, you will need them to log into the form with their EPS email to give you access.

Senior Pictures

Senior pictures will be printed in the yearbook, along with your name and senior quote. Photos submitted for the yearbook must be in a vertical format with some background space around the top of the head and sides for flexibility on cropping photos.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Portrait style means from chest up with room around top and sides of head for resizing. Please don’t have it cropped too tight, and no full body shots.
  • The photo chosen needs to have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (print quality) as a lower resolution does not print well.
  • The photo chosen needs to be approximately 2”x3″ vertical.
  • Photos can be uploaded HERE. 

Senior Quotes

Senior quotes will be included in the yearbook beside each senior photo. Senior quotes are optional for the yearbook. All senior quotes must be appropriate for people of all ages, including peers in grades 5-12.

Quote Guidelines: 

  • Quotes can be no longer than 100 characters (including spaces).
  • Misspelling (intentional or unintentional), emojis, acronyms, or hashtags will not be allowed.
  • Double check to make sure all spelling and punctuation is exactly as you want it to appear in the yearbook.
  • Quotes can be submitted HERE. 

Senior Collages

Senior photo collages are meant to reflect a student’s time at EPS through photos in the yearbook. Photo collages are optional for the yearbook. All content must be appropriate for people of all ages, including peers in grades 5-12. You can look at past EPS yearbooks to get ideas for your collage.

Collage Guidelines: 

  • The collage needs to be 5”x7″ horizontal, which is approximately half an 8.5” x 11″ piece of paper.
  • All photos in your collage need to be 300 dpi.
  • Note: photos taken off Facebook/Instagram default to 96 dpi and enlarging them will pixelate your photo. Please ask the person who has the photo for the original.
  • Please send your collages in a JPEG file format.
  • Collages can be submitted HERE. 

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