It’s a Whole New Term

One of the reasons EPS features a trimester system, beyond the choice in courses it offers, is that it allows students to hit the reset button twice a year. The beginning of the term lets students take a breath, begin anew, and apply what they have learned from the past to a new term. As we begin winter trimester, it’s a great opportunity to look back on fall performance and think about what has been learned in the realms of planning and organization, study skills, communication techniques, and more. As we begin the term, students should ask themselves questions such as:

  •   How well did I use office hours?
  •   Did I set any meetings with my teachers when I needed extra help?
  •   Did I email my teachers with any questions?
  •   How well did I keep track of my assignments?
  •   How often did I plan ahead…and did I keep to my plan?

In addition to thinking about these areas of executive functioning, the beginning of the term is an excellent opportunity to follow-up with faculty on how the fall trimester concluded. Conversations about how to improve performance, where to focus efforts, and what success to build upon should be happening now, to pave the way for a successful winter term. Now is the time to practice self-advocacy!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Sam Uzwack
Head of Middle School and Student Support