INSIGHT: Knowing and Being Known

By Ravina Sodhi, EPS Parent (Class of 2027 and Class of 2024)

When our family decided to relocate, from a place we called home all our living years, one of the primary reasons was to provide global education and opportunities for our two daughters. Our existence that we had together created over the years, had all that was comfortable for knowing and being known—the self-lending confidence from the sense of belonging and bonds of family and friends, the academic framework that shaped them over the years, their contributing to community beyond home and school. The most challenging part of our move as parents, was uprooting them at the formative stage of their development as teenagers, when they were already seeming comfortable with their own individuality and contributing to their eco-system in their own ways.

It was thus most important for us, to find a school that was a right fit for them academically, shared the same set of values as our family, and helped children find their own unique ways to contribute to the global community. EPS stood out with its philosophy and focus on personal growth, without pressures of comparison with others. This completely resonated with our family values, and EPS has been the “Home away from Home” for our girls.

The philosophy of education at EPS is intrinsically sewn around “Knowing and being known”.

The practice of “Knowing” starts with the extensive list of subjects and activities offered, which gives the children the opportunity to explore whatever interests them at that point. These are imparted via passionate teachers, relevant guest speakers and field trips which gives a whole 3-dimensional perspective of the subject. Choice of courseware such as the study of religions over the world, helps re-instate the sense of belonging of each community within the larger globe. The recent EBC trips have helped them develop essential life skills while discovering different parts of the world. All of this allows children the comfort to try new things, while they continue to discover more about their personal likes and dislikes. The aspect of “Being Known” is also sewn in seamlessly into the various opportunities offered at school. The environment at EPS encourages each student to bring their own unique self to school each day and build a community for themselves, where they can extend and seek support.

Our kids know themselves better in the 8 months here than in the 8 years before. With the strong philosophy and the diversity the school offers, each child will inherently have the confidence of a young global citizen.