Insight: Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.

By Chase Johnsen, Trustee & EPS Class of  2016

As an alumnus of Eastside Prep, I believe it’s important to re-connect and give back to the community that has had a profound effect on the person I am today.

In my mind, Eastside Prep is not a chapter that ended once my fellow classmates and I turned our tassels. Instead, it’s a home base for a collective of people that will never stop inspiring me to become the greatest version of myself. As an alumnus and new member of Eastside Prep’s Board of Trustees, I feel a responsibility to help build an alumni community where Eagles who share the same desire for long-term connection can find it.

In my five years since graduation, I’ve been thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with fellow classmates and faculty members through several of our EPS-sponsored alumni events. A couple of my favorites include the annual alumni Mariners game out in the T Mobile Park ‘Pen and the community service-centric winter reception in TALI Hall. Every time former students and faculty come together, I’m reminded of how grateful I am to be a lifelong Eagle. I’ve also enjoyed keeping up to date on alumni news and achievements through the Instagram page @eastsideprepalumni. I started this page on the drive down to my first year at Chapman University and it’s been exciting to watch this account grow throughout the years to over 335 alumni strong.

As we look towards the year ahead, there’s some lost time we have to make up for. I think it’s safe to say this past year and a half of social isolation has left many alumni, myself included, feeling a little out of touch on the current challenges and opportunities this decade has brought our alumni community thus far. However, I know the day we all can safely reconvene will be special because we’ll finally be able to rejoice in the company of old friends and share in some Eastside Prep camaraderie while giving back to the community that’s given us so much.