INSIGHT: Savor the Moment

By Sam Uzwack, Head of School 

I just returned from Middle School Field Day, watching the 5th-7th graders run around, sign yearbooks, play kickball, and say goodbye to one another. Meanwhile, on campus, the rest of the students are taking finals, finishing projects, and, in the case of our 8th graders and seniors, getting ready to celebrate their accomplishments next week. This is a special time in the annual cycle of school, and the energy is infectious. To our seniors in particular, I hope you are able to savor these final few days and look back on how far you have journeyed. To the families of our seniors, I hope you are able to take pride not only in the accomplishments of your students, but the critical role you played in making these accomplishments a reality. My simple bit of advice: savor the moment…it only happens once.

On a personal note, the end of the school year marks the completion of my first year as Head of School. I don’t have enough words to adequately express my gratitude for the overwhelming support this community has provided me. Students, parents/guardians, alumni, faculty and staff alike, your support has been an immense gift. I am so honored to be in this position, and I can’t wait to get started next fall. The strength of EPS is the strength of our community.

I do want to pause, however, to touch on a tragedy within our broader community. Our hearts go out to the Garfield High School community, in the wake of the tragic shooting on their campus. Recognizing we have our own community members with strong connections to Garfield, know we are here for you should you need any support.

Summer provides us all a chance to recharge and pursue different avenues of adventure. I hope you can take full advantage. Enjoy the final days of the school year, savor the moment, and thank you for being the supportive community you are.

All the best,