INSIGHT: What Does EPS Mean to Me?

By Danny Brambila-Diaz, Class of 2023

Growing up a first-generation student, my dreams used to feel like just that—dreams.

Now that I think back, one of my earliest aspirations was to become the president of the United States when I was somewhere around 8 years old. This topic became something I could gush about to my parents when I went with them to their landscaping jobs during the summer as a kid. As I would sit on the client’s porch, formulating my plan to becoming, “Mr. President”, I didn’t think too much about the why, or the when…but instead worried about the how.

How was I going to get there?

There was one answer I knew, and it was a college education.

When I joined Eastside Preparatory School in 2017, I was unaware that here, those dreams would be within arm’s reach. In this new place, I have been encouraged to let my passions run wild, while maintaining an open mind. And in this sea of exploration, I discovered that regardless of the discipline, whether chemistry, or natural literature, or Latin-American history, there was always room for one’s own self-discovery. Each year here has been a part of my metamorphosis, not only as an academic student, but as a student of life.

Within these past 6-ish years, I have encountered various hardships and challenges, but have been encountered with twice as much grace from the Eastside Prep community. They have shown that they are beyond willing to provide support, affirmation, and most importantly, compassion.

As I have begun my college application process, I have found that the tools I’ve received inside and outside of the classroom at Eastside Prep have enabled me to paint a multicolored picture of myself on a college campus. There, I will be studying what my parent’s didn’t have the access to and breaking a cycle that has lasted for generations.

So, what does the 20th year of Eastside Prep mean to ME?

It is twenty years of a guiding light that has given people like me the foundation and resources to make their dreams a reality. Each teacher, student, and staff member has been (and will continue to be) a part of the community that provides the key to unlocking a world of academic enrichment, potential and wonder.