Learning For The Sake of Learning

By Dr. Terry Macaluso, Head of School

Our winter term Seminar sessions ended this week, and I have to say, I already miss it.  These one-hour weekly meetings with groups of students ranging in size from three to six, provide the occasion for some of the most satisfying learning experiences that take place anywhere at EPS.  We instituted Seminars a year ago, wondering if anyone would want to participate. The idea was that teachers would volunteer to teach a seminar on a topic of interest, that students could elect to take the seminar—for which they would receive a pass or no pass (and if it was a no pass, it would not go on the transcript)—and it would be learning for the sake of learning. No compensation for teachers. No grades for students. No requirement at all – based solely on one’s interest and self-initiative, people could choose to meet for an hour a week, to prepare for that hour during the days in between meetings, and then convene to share ideas, writings, drawings, images – anything.

This was the fifth trimester during which Seminars have been offered. By the end of this year, 55 Seminars will have been offered by 20 teachers to 97 students. Maybe video games really aren’t as serious a problem as we thought….