Middle School Head Search

As most of you are aware, we intended to hire a new Middle School Head in connection with Sam Uzwack’s appointment as Associate Head of School for Middle School & Student Support Services last spring. Due to the pandemic, the search was postponed for a year. This is to let you know that the search for a new Middle School Head will recommence on February 1, 2021.  The search will take place throughout the spring and summer, with a early August application deadline.

Search Committee
The search committee includes the following individuals:

Name Position
Jamie Andrus Learning Support Coordinator
Dorian Bell MS Parent
Katie Dodd Faculty, Science
Bart Gummere Assoc. HOS for College Counseling & Alumni Relations
Tina Hadden Admin Services Director, HOS Office
David Kelly-Hedrick Experiential Ed Coordinator, MS English
Terry Macaluso Head of School (HOS)
Karen Mills Faculty, MS English
Mehrane Mokdad Trustee
Randi Peterson Executive Assistant, MS Office
Mike Raskin MS Parent
Randy Reina Faculty, MS/US Math
John Stegeman US Head
Adam Waltzer Faculty US Science, College Counselor

Position Details:

Please know that you are encouraged to nominate individuals you think would be strong candidates for the role, and you can send those nominees directly to chadden@eastsideprep.org.

During each finalist’s visit, community members—trustees, employees, parents, and students—will have opportunities to meet and speak with candidates.  You will then be invited to submit an anonymous evaluation based on your perception of each candidate.  That won’t happen until September—and there will be much more information as we get closer to the time when visitors will be on campus.

Thanks in advance for your support—and I hope you take advantage of the opportunities you’ll have to introduce yourself to finalist candidates!