By Vickie Baldwin, Director of Institutional Advancement

trustee-chaseCHASE JOHNSEN

Chase Johnsen may be new to the Eastside Prep Board, but he’s certainly not new to EPS! Johnsen graduated from EPS with the Class of 2016 and he’s seen a lot happen at EPS. “I came to EPS in the fall of 2011 as a rising seventh grader. Over the past ten years, it’s been incredible to be a part of this community that’s grown greatly in size but stayed true to its character and core mission.” But it wasn’t just Eastside Prep that has grown and changed in the past decade. “While on campus, I developed an appreciation for the opportunities available to every student. A variety of new experiences such as Ultimate Frisbee, student government, and theatrical productions introduced me to several lifelong friends, mentors, and passions. As an alumnus, the lessons and values I learned at EPS still serve an everyday purpose. I’m thankful to have had a rewarding EPS experience and eager to pay it forward.”

Johnsen, who works for the Seattle Kraken as a Brand Creative Specialist, is eager to join the “passionate community leaders” on the EPS Board of Trustees. “I’ve been looking for an opportunity to give back to this school that’s given so much to my entire family.” (Johnsen’s brother Cole is a member of EPS Class of 2018 and his mother, Stacy Graven, served on the EPS Board for a number of years.) Johnsen adds, “I’ve also had a desire to represent our growing alumni base and ensure EPS graduates can have a lifelong connection to the school. I believe the Board will be the perfect place
to make both of these goals a reality.”

trustee-habibHABIB RAHBAR, MD

Habib Rahbar, who is an associate professor in the University of Washington Department of Radiology, says his upbringing has led him to value education from a very young age. “My father was an immigrant from Iran who came to the U.S. as a teenager seeking a premier education,” Rahbar notes. “He and my mother instilled in us to appreciate the educational opportunities we were afforded.” Rahbar adds, “I consider service as an EPS board member to be a unique opportunity to give back by helping to improve the educational experience of students in an already exceptional school.”

The pandemic created an unorthodox entry into the EPS community for Rahbar and his family. “I have been a part of EPS now for almost two full years when our son, Nima, started sixth grade. We have only had one full ‘normal’ semester at the school before the onset of COVID-19. Our family has been so grateful for how the community has rallied together to get through the pandemic, maintaining an excellent educational experience while continuing to foster community virtually. What stands out to me so far is the close-knit community, focus on student individuality, and leadership’s intentional solicitation of feedback from its community members.”

Rahbar looks forward to his work on the Board. “I am excited by the opportunity to see our community revisit our school’s values and purpose as we thoughtfully evaluate what we learned during this global crisis and move forward as an even more tight-knit community. I am also thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from more experienced board members and educators. I see being a trustee as an exciting opportunity to continue to grow as a leader and a lifelong student.”