By Wendy Lawrence, Inspire Contributor

This year we are eager to welcome two new members to the Eastside Prep Board of Trustees.

“Seeing my son thrive in this supportive environment has been so gratifying,” says new trustee Cliff Su. “Some of our dearest friendships originated in the EPS community.” Su has spent a lot of time cheering on the school from the sidelines and is excited to transition “from the stands to the court” as he excitedly describes taking on this new role. Su is most looking forward to collaborating with the other
members of the Board and school leadership. “I am looking forward to putting our heads together, learning from one another, and sharing the journey of creating innovative solutions to enhance the EPS experience.” EPS has already achieved so much, and Su’s goal is “simply to continue that stewardship.”

Gagan Oberoi joined the EPS community in 2017 and has appreciated it more and more every year. “Each student has a sense of belonging that’s uniquely theirs,” she describes. Oberoi is grateful for the opportunities the school gives to everyone who is part of it and is excited to give back so it continues to thrive. Oberoi has been part of the Association of Parents and Guardians, volunteering in multiple roles over the years. She has lived overseas and therefore loves how many different cultures mingle at EPS. She hopes to bring her own diverse perspective to the Board. “I look forward to supporting the school in continuing to be an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community.”