Slow Start

by Brian Hutcheson, F&PA Director

Each new school year I feel the temptation of efficiency—of trying to be the most productive in getting the long list of tasks ahead of me completed in the least amount of time. This year was no different.  Yet, each year I’ve become more appreciative of the value of a slow start. On August 24th, we welcomed new faculty and staff with the story of Eastside Prep and shared important artifacts of our own school experiences.  The following day, the entire faculty and staff enjoyed a shared experience around preparing a meal. In the week before school, I sat down with each of my ninth grade advisory students and their families to welcome them to the Upper School, create open lines of communication, and craft goals for the upcoming year. Finally, on the first day of school I established a new tradition in my advisory of sitting down to a cup of tea. Very few of these activities help me check a box off on my to-do list. But the slow, thoughtful, and intentional time taken to build community and culture pays significant dividends throughout the year, making Eastside Prep a more enjoyable community to take part in.