Student Well-Being Survey

As part of our ongoing efforts to support student well-being—especially given our collective experience over the past 14 months—we will be conducting a brief anonymous survey to gather data on how students are doing socially and emotionally. Our students participated in this survey in 2019 and will be offered to them online during Advisory next week. The survey questions cover areas such as personal values, empathy and kindness, depression and anxiety, substance use, and relationships with family and friends. The goal of the study is to better understand the preoccupations and concerns of students in our community, and to learn how best to continue promoting positive development among our students. The results from the survey will aid us in our plans for next year and will influence our Fall Orientations and Advisory programming. Paul Hagen, Director of Student Well-Being will be sending more details early next week regarding the survey and allowing the opportunity to opt out if desired.