By Mehrane Mokdad, EPS Board President

As we bid farewell to our esteemed Head of School, Dr. Terry Macaluso, who has retired after dedicating two decades to founding and leading Eastside Preparatory School, I want to express my utmost admiration for her remarkable contributions.

We are incredibly fortunate that Terry returned from retirement years ago to establish EPS and grow it into an outstanding academic institution. The meeting with Eastside Prep’s founders (Patricia Friel, Janet Levinger, and Maureen O’Hara) at Redmond Town Center back in 2001 marked a critical moment in the school’s inception—lucky EPS! Her fervor for education and her conviction in its capacity to bring about meaningful change must have motivated her to take on the challenge.

Reflecting on Eastside Prep’s success under Terry, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes her leadership so exceptional. She is truly one of a kind. Terry’s exceptional qualities lie in her mission-driven leadership, visionary outlook, and ability to inspire.

One of her many talents was her ability to keep the TALI vision vibrant and alive. She successfully established a school that is driven by its mission, with the mission serving as the guiding principle in every aspect of school life. This is not necessarily a common characteristic in institutions, but it is the secret ingredient to EPS’s success—thanks to Terry’s many geniuses.

Her visionary leadership has been pivotal in determining the course of our school. I have often wondered if she possesses a crystal ball or superhero powers. During one of our conversations, I shared with her that she makes “schooling look easy.” Moreover, she has always been forward-thinking and willing to take risks in pursuit of our educational mission. Under Terry’s leadership, EPS has embraced innovative programs and teaching methods that have helped our students to thrive in an ever-changing world. In addition to her commitment to student success, Terry was a dedicated supporter of the teaching profession and wholeheartedly advocated for the advancement and development of our faculty and staff.

Terry not only led by example but also inspired those around her with her wise and compassionate nature, combined with her sharp sense of humor that made the journey even more delightful. Her wit and clever one-liners have left us all in giggles at more than one Board or parent meeting. By creating a positive, respectful, and uplifting atmosphere, Terry has inspired a culture of trust, respect, transparency, and kindness. She built a strong community with a unique culture—another key ingredient to Eastside Prep’s success.

On a concluding note, I am thrilled to announce, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, the granting of the honorary title of EPS Head of School Emerita to Dr. Terry Macaluso in recognition of her outstanding leadership and for her twenty-one years of dedicated service to EPS. Terry’s legacy will continue to inspire us all, leaving a lasting impact on future generations