When I was at EPS, I played every sport EPS had to offer. We rarely had enough players for games, and we never had enough runners to place for cross country. Since coming back to coach, there are huge rosters, but I still feel the close-knit community I experienced during my time. This community is propelling EPS sports into the spotlight, with multiple State appearances across teams this year! Go Eagles!
– Max Sheffield, EPS Class of 2014

The athletics program has taken leaps and bounds since I was a student, and it’s really awesome to see how much progress each team has made. When I was a student, we almost expected our teams to lose, but at this point, each of our teams is competitive. Not only does being a coach allow me to play a part in the athletic programs’ development, it also allows me to still feel connected, rather than just being an alum.
– Ryan Liao, EPS Class of 2020

My daughters have played sports at EPS every year since 2011. The program has sure changed throughout the years! The soul of EPS sports is a life-long love of inclusive sportsmanship. That coupled with cohesive leadership has led to very successful seasons this year full of player development and team growth (and also plenty of wins).
– Kathy Kearny, parent of

Christy (EPS Class of 2017) & Abby (EPS Class of 2022) This year, Eastside Prep placed third at the Boys Ultimate National Championships! This result is a microcosm of the state of our athletics department as a whole at EPS. Our programs are now established with culture, traditions, and are provided with the resources necessary to succeed at the
highest level. I’m so happy to have come back to coach.
– Noah Ching, EPS Class of 2014

Athletics has been on a journey over our ten years at EPS. As the school has grown, so has athletics—maybe even faster. As a small school, athletics was not a priority in the early days and it showed with minimal participation, inexperienced coaches, and a general lack of structure. The program now bears very little comparison, and its thanks goes to the dedication of our administration, coaches and parents. Sports is now a legitimate part of the EPS experience with many teams being competitive but more importantly being a source of bonding for athletes. The development of this pillar alongside the academics and arts curriculum is something the EPS community can look back on with pride. The transformation has been incredible.
– Claudia & Conrad Bayer, parents of Cameron (EPS Class of 2019) & Carter (EPS Class of 2023)