Henry Sanders


Henry is originally from Hillsboro, Oregon.  He graduated from Cornell University in 1986 with a BS degree in computer science.  After two years of hardware board design at Intel, Henry joined Microsoft in 1988.  He is currently Corporate Vice President of Engineering for the Windows Operating System, where he is responsible for architecture and engineering for the current and next generations of the Windows OS operating system, as well as the culture, health, and productivity of the engineering team.  Previously Henry led the software development efforts in Windows Phone through successful shipment of the past four releases.  His hobbies include drumming and cooking.  Henry is looking forward to his first year on the Eastside Prep Board of Trustees and is particularly “interested in figuring out buildings and space for our growing student population.”  He and his wife Vickie have three children at Eastside Prep—Donny (Class of 2020), Mike (Class of 2022), and Elizabeth (Class of 2024).