10/16 Resilience Series for Parents/Guardians

  • Thanks to all who attended the October talk on resilience this week. For those who couldn’t make it here is the recording of the talk: OCTOBER RESILIENCE TALK
  • Here you will find a recording of the gratitude activity we practiced: GRATITUDE PRACTICE
  • Here is a copy of the SLIDES from the talk.

For more information on the series as well as future dates, please see: RESILIENCE SERIES FOR EPS PARENTS/GUARDIANS

As you know, we will be holding smaller practice groups in between the larger talks to digest and practice what we have learned in the larger sessions. They are led by fabulous current and alumni parents who have had significant experience doing work with me as well as an additional year of facilitation training. You are in for a treat! any of these groups.

Each session is 1 hour and you are welcome to attend the group that fits best with your schedule. You can change from morning to evening at any time—facilitators will be offering similar material each week. There is no long-term commitment to the groups but as with everything, the more sessions you attend, the tighter the community you will build and the stronger the practices will be for you.  With a few exceptions, there will not be practice sessions on the weeks there is a talk by me. We do ask that you either attend the talk given by me that month OR that you watch the recorded video as much of the content practiced in the sessions will be introduced in those bigger talks.


  • Morning Sessions: Thursdays (beginning 10/22) from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM – led by Stephanie Brown and Jo Denney – STEPHANIE AND JO’S ZOOM LINK
  • Evening Sessions: Thursdays (beginning 10/29 to accommodate parent conferences) from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM – led by Dafna Chen and Jeanne Smith – DAFNA AND JEANNE’S ZOOM LINK
  • Morning Sessions in Mandarin: Mondays (beginning 10/19) at 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM led by Shuang Hou – SHUANG’S ZOOM LINK

Please contact Dr. Kelly Moore if you have any questions about these sessions.