This email is not part of the prank.

By Dr. Terry Macaluso, Head of School

The best thing about today’s Senior Prank is that everyone—and I do mean EVERYONE—was able to participate!  Responses to the message started coming my way about 30 seconds after the message—on my letterhead—began arriving in mailboxes.  To anyone who was made uncomfortable, or irritated, I’m sorry.  I’ve lived through 45 Senior Pranks:

  • All the furniture in the school located on the roof of the building
  • The flagpole loaded with a stack of 30 automobile tires
  • Pyramids of Styrofoam cups filled with water stacked in front of every door on campus
  • The entire senior class—with brown paper bags on their heads—running naked all over campus
  • All the flatware on campus being replaced with chop sticks on grilled cheese and tomato soup day
  • An entire campground with lake, sandy beach, and a car—necessary for car camping—set up inside the LPC
  • A completed sealed dorm room built in the middle of a hall on campus.  Entirely sealed, completed furnished as a freshman might furnish a dorm room
  • We also had a year of 10,000 hot dogs—everywhere on campus—including my jellybean dispenser

After you read that list, aren’t you impressed with the cerebral, non-property damaging, entirely in good taste prank from the class of 2020?  This one was very clever.  At least that’s how I feel about it right now—at 10:45 in the morning—having not yet seen whatever is to come.  Be prepared for a “Spoof Community Briefing!”   Wait…it already went out!

Some Parental Response

  • I have to say I laughed my ass off when I read that email they sent.  It was very cleverly done.  You’ve trained them well!!!  🙂 It was so nice to be able to have a laugh.  Been the first in days. 
  • OMG—I was typing out an email to you about this. ? They got me.
  • Well they sure fooled me!
  • Since we only have 2 weeks left for seniors, can we be excused from purchasing the new software?
  • Omg!  I was just about to email someone!! ???
  • What a PRANK!  Well done seniors.
  • Love it! 😉
  • Oh my gosh Terry, what a prankthanks class of 2020! XXXX was so stressed about the A/F grading. I just called another parent to see if what I was reading made sense. ?  Though I must say I liked the idea of having the cameras on during class by all students as a good thing for respect and accountability.
  • Mission accomplished.
  • Can you explain in more detail the changes to the grading policy? The way it written below makes zero sense.  A student with a 93 receives an A; another student with a 92 gets an F.  I would assume this is poor choice of words and explanation, will also lead to a lot of unnecessary anxiety and questions. Is EPS getting away from the Plus & Minus component of an individual grade?  
  • Omg!  I was just about to email someone!! ???
  • I totally fell for it and sent it to my guys.  That was a good one!!  
  • That was a truly impressive prank. I had a good laugh. We all needed that! Good job Class of 2020! XXXX is a little miffed…lol! At being had. She was texting us and Ms Hale while hyper ventilating…..hahahahaha! But is smiling now. And is very proud of the creativity of the Seniors. I was on my walk when the mayhem started! Almost got run over by a cyclist! Ok that’s me taking a poetic license!
  • I got a good laugh, but at Dr. Stegeman’s expense unfortunately—being a first year SLT member at EPSis this an initiation/welcome by the Class of 2020? I am sure everyone will remember this!