EBC Week


Some of the best educational opportunities and some of the deepest learning that occurs at Eastside Prep takes place not in the classroom, or, in many cases, even on campus, but instead when students intentionally break from their regular school work to explore the wider world around them. Travel to new cultures and new places is transformative. And that’s what EBC Week is all about – providing transformative educational experiences for our students.

Each year all students participate in a week of Education Beyond the Classroom in the spring. These EBC experiences include opportunities for students to travel, serve, experience, and learn together. Each year we have an exciting array of EBC offerings for students to choose from. Each experience is designed to give students the kind of opportunity that they simply cannot get during the regular school schedule, and we work hard to ensure that all experiences are mission driven as students learn to Think Critically, Act Responsibly, Lead Compassionately, and Innovate Wisely.

Each year students EBC Week trips and experiences are designed to augment learning, to broaden perspectives, and to enrich student experience. Past experiences have included drama trips to New York or London, rock climbing in Joshua Tree, culture and language immersion in Spain, music and food in New Orleans, and other destinations such as Washington, D.C., Japan, Chicago, Iceland, Yellowstone, and the Galapagos.